Maternity Bell Necklace

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Strengthen Mother-Baby Bonding

The tinkling of the maternity necklace has a calming effect on the mother-to-be. The unborn child immediately senses these positive vibrations and the melody of the pendant is like a soft whispering in baby’s ear...

Reassure your Newborn

After birth, place your chiming pendant securely inside our lovey. Its soft melody will remind your little one of the feeling of security and well-being inside the womb, and help your newborn to peacefully adapt to the outside world.


Daily life is sometimes stressful, and when I hear the soft chime of my maternity necklace, it reminds me of what is really important – my little baby growing inside of me.

Ashley - London

Every day, I take a few minutes to rock my baby to the rhythm of my pregnancy necklace. This is a moment of calm and relaxation that I simply cannot do without.

Cecile - Luxembourg

I hung the necklace above my baby’s cradle. When he is fussy, I roll it in the palm of my hand and it works like magic!

Lauriane - Paris

Often, my older daughter shakes the harmony ball close to my belly to say hi to her baby brother. It’s very touching to see this bond forming between them.

Emily - New Zealand

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The Ilado Maternity Necklace, a magnificent piece of jewelry featuring a pendant that rests on the belly, is also designed to strengthen the prenatal bond between a mother and her child. Laeticia, a hypnotherapist and founder of a Pregnancy Care Center in Nice, France, explains how to use your Maternity Necklace as part of a bonding ritual.
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In January 2018, ILADO was exhibiting for the first time in the Playtime tradeshow to introduce the concept of maternity necklaces to buyers from all around the world.

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