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> From what point in my pregnancy can I start to wear a maternity necklace?

Traditionally, the Harmony Ball was offered to expectant mothers from the start of pregnancy as a protective amulet. Known as the “Llamador de Angeles” (the “Angel Caller"), legend tells how its soft, crystalline tinkling would summon the protection of the guardian angel of the baby and its mother. You can, therefore, wear your maternity necklace as a lucky charm from the first moments of your pregnancy.


> Do babies really hear in their mother’s womb?

Scientific studies demonstrate that babies do indeed have the ability to hear. From the twenty-sixth week of pregnancy, your baby will progressively become alert to familiar sounds in the natural environment – the beating of your heart, your breathing – as well as external audible stimulation such as voices, music, and song. Researchers have also demonstrated that newborn babies are capable of recognizing sounds that they heard in the womb frequently. In particular, when heartbeats that small babies heard in their mother’s womb are played back to them, it is possible to observe a change in their behavior: they are soothed and begin to suck or fall asleep.


> Isn’t it distracting to hear the sound of the Harmony Ball pendant throughout the day?

The melody that the maternity necklace plays is very sweet and harmonious. Despite some received ideas, the purpose of the maternity necklace is not designed to roll around the navel all day long for the baby to hear its tinkling constantly. You can also wear your Bola on a shorter necklace, around y our heart, as a stylish necklace to accessorize your pregnancy outfits, making the tinkling particularly subtle and discreet.


> How can I get my baby to listen to the sound of the Harmony Ball pendant during my pregnancy?

From the fifth month of pregnancy onwards, once per day, take a few minutes to get your baby to listen to the sweet melody of your necklace, as in our mother-baby bonding ritual: choose a calm, relaxing moment, for example during our guided meditation or after massaging your stomach with moisturizer. Place one hand on your belly and roll your Harmony Ball around in the other to tenderly cradle your baby in line with the rhythm of its musical vibrations. By repeating this ritual on a daily basis, you will imprint a sound memory of love and wellbeing in your baby, who will permanently associate the sound of the jewelry with your reassuring presence.


> What should I do with the maternity necklace once my baby is born?

After giving birth, the familiar melody of your maternity necklace will be a source of peace and calm for your baby. You can hand the necklace over your baby’s stroller or cot, so that it tinkles whenever your baby shows signs of nervousness. You can also insert the bell into our comforter, which will become a little companion for your baby, reassuring him or her by recalling the comfort and security that babies feel when they are in the womb.


> Does the sound of the Harmony Ball really help to settle a newborn?

By letting your baby hear the maternity necklace’s sweet melody during the final trimester of your pregnancy, your Harmony Ball will become a source of calm and relaxation for your newborn. This ancestral tradition, which has been in use for millennia, is not a miracle solution to calm your babies’ cries, but it does serve as an additional tool to help you calm and reassure your little one when used in combination with other methods: rocking, singing, carrying the baby in a baby carrier, etc.


> Does the tradition of the Harmony Ball necklace come from Mexico or Indonesia?

Both! The tradition of the Bola necklace is well established in Mexico, where it is known as the “Llamador de Angeles” and on the Indonesian island of Bali, but seems to have the a common origin which dates back several millennia, when Latin America and Asia formed a single continent. When the two landmasses separated, the tradition traveled with them: on one side to Mexico, and to Bali on the other.


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