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Each day, hundreds of pregnant women wear an Ilado maternity bell necklace to bond with their babies and to comfort them after they are born. They have taken the opportunity to share this awesome experience with us! (Click on the picture)

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"My unborn baby wiggles every time it hears the gentle bell ringing. But more importantly my 7 year old daughter has been able to bond with the baby using this. She enjoys holding the necklace and making patterns on my belly and watching the baby kick with excitement. This photo is my daughter holding the necklace and it melts my heart"
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"It’s been great for my daughter to understand how it works and she will sometimes shake it and say hi to ‘baby brother.’ The perfect gift for yourself or other expecting mama’s. "
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"I absolutely love my Ilado pregnancy necklace! It’s so chic and elegant and looks gorgeous with any outfit. It would also be such a great gift!"
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"Because our daughter was taken to intensive care shortly after delivery, I put my necklace close to her ear and let the chimes comfort her. She instantly stopped crying and looked up at me for the longest time. I was overwhelmed with emotions and began crying at the thought of how a necklace could bring so much comfort to my baby."
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"Knowing I am wearing something that not only looks stylish but is also comforting for my babies too makes me happy."
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" The chime sound is so soft and magical that it relaxes both the baby and me! It is a beautiful way to interact with him now that he can hear. I really do believe that he is surrounded by angels and I hope he always feels loved and protected."
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"Life can get pretty hectic and when I hear the sweet chime of my maternity necklace it takes me back to what’s important – my little baby within."

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