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The jewelry by French brand Ilado actually emits a soothing chime that your baby can hear.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for an expectant mother - or just want to treat yourself - French jewellery brand Ilado has created a range of unique and beautiful pieces with a special twist. Drawing inspiration from ancestral tradition, each necklace is designed to comfort babies still in the womb.

The collection, which you can see in the gallery above, is based on a Mayan chime pendant, entitled the ‘Angel Caller’. The spherical necklace contains a silver ball that emits a subtle and harmonious chime when shaken. It is said that the musical sound, unique to each piece, has a magical quality with the power to call the ‘Guardian Angel’ of the wearer - providing them protection and guidance throughout life. 

The necklace was traditionally worn by Mayan mothers during pregnancy as a protective amulet and after birth, as the familiar gentle melody would soothe and reassure the newborn baby by reminding it of the warmth of the womb. 

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