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What makes you a joyful mother-to-be?

I just enjoy everything about being pregnant and cannot wait to welcome my little one inFebruary! I’ve dreamed of being a mother for so long and it feels like such a dream come true!


What do you like the most about being pregnant?

I love feeling my little one move, kick and respond to my voice and touch.


What do you find the hardest about pregnancy?

Waiting for my little one to arrive! I’m so excited I can hardly wait to hold him in my arms.


What do you miss the most while pregnant?

I miss having more energy, and being able to stay out late without feeling exhausted.


One thing you couldn’t leave without while pregnant?

All my skin creams, my skin has been so dry throughout my entire pregnancy.


A surprise related to pregnancy you didn’t expect?

I had no idea that my belly would get quite so big, and I still have weeks to go! I can hardly imagine how big it will be at the end :)


What would you like your son to learn from you?

I would like my son to just be happy and learn that joy comes from within.


What is your favorite moment of the day while pregnant?

I love my morning walks with my dog along the ocean, followed by a nice cup of tea.


Could you describe your pregnancy style in 3 words?

I would say, classic, feminine and ladylike.


What is your top tip for other pregnant women?  

I always try and do my hair and makeup, even when I’m not feeling 100%. I find that it helps me feel the most like myself.


You are wearing one of our pregnancy necklaces. Can you share your experience about it?   

I absolutely love my Ilado pregnancy necklace! It’s so chic and elegant and looks gorgeous with any outfit. I also love that it has a soft soothing chime that my baby can hear in the womb. I get so many compliments on it and would absolutely recommend it to any expecting mother, it would also be such a great gift!


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