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What makes you a joyful mother-to-be?
I love showing my daughter new things and seeing her face light up. It brings me the most joy!

What do you like the most about being pregnant?
I definitely love how comfortable I feel in my own skin. I would normally wear baggy clothes but when pregnant I totally embrace it and feel so comfortable in tight fitting clothing.


What do you find the hardest about pregnancy?
The exhaustion!! With my first pregnancy I was so cautious and didn’t drink any coffee but this time around I am basically surviving on it while chasing around my 2 1/2 year old!  


What do you miss the most while pregnant?
Sushi and sleeping on my tummy HA! I’ve gotten desperate a couple times and made my own sushi at home but its just not the same.  


One thing you couldn’t leave without while pregnant?
My Ilado necklace to be honest! This pregnancy I have felt quite disconnected compared to my first and your beautiful necklaces always remind me that i’m constantly connecting with my baby bump with the beautiful bell.


A surprise related to pregnancy you didn’t expect?
We’re having a boy! I actually never imagined having a boy being from a family of all girls but I am so excited about the change and having a boy and a girl.


What would you like your son/daughter to learn from you?
Kindness. One of my daughters first words was please and shortly after that Thank You. She knows when I’m upset and says ‘sorry mummy’ and I think it’s so important for children to learn these qualities early. I hope to pass that on to my son and that they will learn to show everyone kindness.


What is your favorite moment of the day while pregnant?
Right before bed as I lay down into bed with a quiet house and can put my hands on my tummy and feel all the movements of life inside me and am truly grateful for our incredible bodies.  


Could you describe your pregnancy style in 3 words?
Comfortable, Neutral (colours) and simple. Not working full-time this pregnancy I’ve really enjoyed embracing the activewear and flat shoes!


What is your top tip for other pregnant women?
Nourish your bodies and remember to take some time each day for yourself. Especially before the baby comes it’s so important to get into a routine of doing something for yourself and taking that time to check in with how your feeling. 


You are wearing one of our pregnancy necklaces. Can you share your experience about it?  
I have absolutely loved wearing and sharing the story behind the pregnancy necklaces with other mums here in New Zealand. It’s not only beautiful but knowing that your baby can hear it and will connect with it once born as well it’s such a great idea! It’s also been great for my daughter to understand how it works and she will sometimes shake it and say hi to ‘baby brother.’ The perfect gift for yourself or other expecting mama’s.


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