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Kate Finney looks at the philosophy behind pregnancy necklaces.

While these necklaces are often attributed to south america, where they are known as “Mexican Bola”, or Indonesia where they’ve been called “Harmony Ball”, expectant mothers in many countries and cultures around the world have a tradition of wearing chiming pregnancy necklaces.

The idea is that the chime pendant is worn long, resting against the top of your bump, so that any movement means your baby will hear a gentle ringing sound. Your unborn baby’s hearing starts to develop around the 18-week mark and once they’re born, the soft chime of your necklace will act as a reassuring and familiar sound to remind them of the security of the womb

As a symbol of the bond between a mother and her baby, these necklaces are also a lovely keepsake to remind you of your pregnancy. While some are simple harmony ball charms, others can be personalised with birthstone and tassels, and there are some gorgeous designs from Ilado Paris which translate a traditional idea into a stylish piece of statement jewelries.

Also known as “angel-caller” in some cultures, and often spotted on pregnant celebrities, these maternity necklaces still have a place in contemporary society - the perfect example of an age-old talisman that is still perfectly suited to modern-day motherhood.

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