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What makes you a joyful mother-to-be?

Thinking about my two growing girls inside me and imagining what they will look like, what their personalities will be and the people they will grow up to be.


What do you like the most about being pregnant?

Having created two babies as the result of a truly loving relationship.


What do you find the hardest about pregnancy?

The symptoms and drastic changes to my body!


What do you miss the most while pregnant?

I have been craving sushi ever since I first found out I was pregnant and I cannot wait until I can visit my favourite sushi restaurant again and feast!


One thing you couldn’t leave without while pregnant?

My husband – he has been a tower of positivity and strength throughout my pregnancy and has helped make this whole experience even more special.


A surprise related to pregnancy you didn’t expect?

How much a baby bump can make people smile. It has been very uplifting experiencing strangers spontaneously smiling and striking up conversations with me when they see my baby bump. There is still a lot of good in this world.


Could you describe your pregnancy style in 3 words?

Feminine, floaty and colourful.


What is your top tip for other pregnant women?  

Ask for help when you need it. I found this really hard to do at first having been used to being very independent and doing a lot of things for myself. There have been times where I simply haven’t been able to do the things I once did and have needed the help of my family and friends, which has made my pregnancy so much easier.


You are wearing one of our chiming necklaces during your pregnancy. Can you share your experience about it?   

I absolutely adore it! Knowing I am wearing something that not only looks stylish but is also comforting for my babies too makes me happy. I have also found that friend’s older babies and toddlers have enjoyed playing with it and listening to the soft chime, which was something I hadn’t anticipated.


What would you like your daughters to learn from you?

I would like them to learn to treat others with kindness, that it’s important to be silly and laugh at yourself and to experience unconditional love.


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