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The maternity necklace is part of a tradition that dates back through millennia of generations in civilizations as diverse as Mexico and Indonesia. The spherical pendant emits a sound that inspires calm and harmony when rolled in the palm of the hand.

In the Mayan culture, it was known as the “Llamador de Angeles” (in English: the Angel Caller). A legend recalls how the soft tinkling sound of the ball, which is unique to each pendant, has the magical ability to summon the guardian angel of its wearer, protecting him or her and accompanying the wearer throughout his or her life.

The Harmony Ball was traditionally given to pregnant women, who would wear it throughout their pregnancy as an amulet to protect their baby. After the birth, the soft and familiar tinkling sound of the bell would settle the newborn, helping him or her to sleep by recalling the gentle warmth and care of the womb. The Harmony Ball pendant was given to the newborn, being hung over the cradle or stitched into the baby’s comfort blanket to help the baby to calm down and to offer protection in the form of the baby’s invisible guardian angel.

Since 2015, Ilado has revived the ancient tradition of the maternity necklace, transforming it into an item of jewelry that reflects the powerful bond between mother and child, bringing peace and harmony into the lives of contemporary mothers. See what they have to say about the maternity necklace. 

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